Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let the testing begin!

I just started spotting a few hours ago, WOOT! Now, on with the testing. First up, tomorrow morning, Glucose, Thyroid, and Prolactin. Wednesday I go back for the cd3 testing of FSH. Friday will be my pelvic ultrasound, and oral surgery(yow!). Then I get a break until I have confirmed O with charting and OPKs, then my final blood draw to test my progesterone.

After all of that is done, hopefully we will have some insight as to why the Bleedfest took place, and what's next for TTC. I am hoping that everything comes out normally, and that I don't need any surgery or meds(obviously). I want to be able to give this a real shot, not just the 2-ish months I had to try around erratic bleeding.

It was a long, obnoxious wait to get my period back after stopping depo, and though we've only been married a year, it feels like it has been forever that we have been waiting to try. Now, with some weight loss and breast cancer scares out of the way, I feel like it's our time! I don't have any dreams of having a baby in a certain month, or year, or by the time I am a certain age. I am not THAT girl. But, I don't want to have to keep putting TTC on hold for whatever reason.

So, here's hoping everything goes well. I am really just praying I don't pass out from all the blood I have to give this week, combined with the drugs I will be on after surgery, lol.
I will keep you all updated.

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Leannabanna said...

I am glad you are heading down the right track, and you sound like you are in suck good sprirts! GL to you and YH!!!! You know were all pulling for you!

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