Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doctor on Wednesday!

If you are reading this, I have invited you to read my blog, which is now private. I have decided to start blogging about my *possible* breast cancer,and the treatment to follow. Right now I am just waiting to go back to the doc on Wednesday for a second opinion. I went over the summer/early fall last year, and was basically given the run around by some 20-something twit who insisted it was just dry skin. Let me tell you this, dry skin does not stick around for a year. All my research points to Paget's Disease, a rare type of breast cancer which causes the skin on the nipple dry up and itch like mad. Those are my symptoms, and I can't think of anything else it could be. I read that treatment is simple, and fatality is RARE. I shouldn't have to have any chemo or anything. At most there will be surgery to remove whatever lump they may find, and hopefully I will be good as new. Ash and my mom are both coming with me on Wednesday, and my boss is aware and totally supportive of whatever I need to do. I am trying to keep this quiet until I know more, so please no mention of this on GP. I will keep you all posted, and thank you all for your well wishes. Love, Adrienne

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Eclipsed said...

I'm so glad everything turned out well! Love you girl.

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