Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nipples and Charting and Weight Loss-Oh my!

I just realized I haven't updated my booby status. As most of you know, the doc ruled out any cancer possibility, so YAY for that! As of right now, my nip is going back and forth between healed and not. The skin is still probably pretty damaged deep down, so it will most likely take a while before it's 100%. Til then, I will keep putting lotion on and hope for the best.
This is officially our first official cycle officially TTC. Officially. I started charting, mostly cause I want to confirm that I am ovulating, and I'm not sure if I will keep at it or not. Yes, it is way easier than I thought it would be to actually wake up and do the temping part. But, analyzing it is probably the hardest thing I've ever attempted, and if it weren't for the PDs, I would be 100% lost. Everyone has been laying off the pressure, as per my request,lol, so it is going well for now. Timing sex is sort of a pain, but we are handling it.
I am still working on the weight loss, and I'm almost halfway to my first goal of 65 lbs. I plan on trying WW in a couple of weeks, and seeing what that does to my results. I really need to start weight training more, and utilizing the 2nd gym membership that I have on the weekends. Right now I just work out at my work gym in the mornings during the week, doing 30-40 minutes of cardio. It works, but I need to work on my muscle tone and strength.
I will keep everyone posted on this's hoping for good news!

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