Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks for giving

Yes, it's Thanksgiving already. And I am not feelin the whole family dinner deal. I'm just not in the mood for my mom's attitude or her 5 cats twice in a matter of one month. Not to mention the fact that my brother moved back home, and I'm not getting much closer to wanting anything to do with him yet. Ah, Family Dysfunction at its finest. So, what will I be doing you ask? Hubby and I have decided to spend the evening at a homeless shelter and serve dinner to the needy. I have been wanting to do that for YEARS but I always felt guilty about not coming to dinner with the family. This year? Not so much. Besides, now that I'm married, I want to create my own family traditions, and I can't think of a better one for us. Peace and Gravy Lumps.
P.S. My husband's mustache is growing back at lightning speed. Kitt would love it.


EjSweet said...

When I was in high school I volunteered one Friday a month at the homeless shelter serving food. It started out as my mom "forcing" me to do it so I would appreciate all that I had and it turned into a Friday activity that I really enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

AAAHAHAHA. mmmmmm.....facial hair.

*Mandy* said...

Aww I have always wanted to do that too!!! Have lots of fun creating your own memories with you Hubby

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